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Quality Exhaust and Muffler Repairs in Ottawa

Your vehicle’s muffler does more than just minimize exhaust-related sounds — it is also essential to the performance of your vehicle and a main component of its exhaust system. So why is it important to keep your muffler in perfect operating condition? Imagine an athlete that is suddenly unable to exhale completely. Their performance will be greatly limited and toxins will soon build up in their body, causing additional health complications. The same is true with your vehicle’s muffler. Your muffler and exhaust system keep toxic fumes from entering the vehicle’s cabin and help your engine run correctly. 

A malfunctioning muffler causes real issues in your vehicle’s performance, your health, and adds to the city’s pollution problem. With a muffler repair, Ottawa motorists can keep their vehicles running more efficiently, for longer. 

If you suspect your car or truck may have a muffler issue, read our “Signs You Need a Muffler Repair” section on this page and bring your auto to Kavanaugh Garage.

Signs You Need a Muffler Repair 

Like all parts of a vehicle, mufflers can wear out over time. But, do you know the tell-tale signs of a failing muffler? Here are a few ways to check if your muffler is in need of a repair or replacement:

  • Strange Noises — Do you hear an unusual rattling noise, or does your car seem louder all of the sudden? This is likely one of the most noticeable signs that your muffler is going bad, so listen up! It may be an easy fix, such as reattaching a broken or loosened muffler harness, but it’s always best to get it fixed as quickly as possible. 
  • Rust or Visible Damage — While modern aluminized and stainless-steel mufflers do a decent job of preventing it, rust still happens under certain conditions. If there are holes or excessive rust, be sure to bring your vehicle into Kavanaugh Garage as quickly as possible. As shown in the next point, a muffler with excessive water condensation is a real issue. 
  • Dripping Water — It’s completely normal for your muffler to have water dripping from the exhaust pipe. But, if you notice water coming from somewhere other than the muffler’s opening, you should have it checked out as soon as possible. 
  • Overheating — While it doesn’t happen to all vehicles, sometimes a faulty muffler or exhaust malfunction will cause the vehicle to overheat. If you notice your vehicle is running hotter than normal, or overheating without any other explainable cause, you should take a closer look at your muffler.

Visit Us for a Muffler Repair in Ottawa

Typically, dealerships exclude muffler replacements as part of their maintenance programs. Yet, if your vehicle is showing any of the signs listed on this page, it’s essential that you schedule a muffler repair. Ottawa drivers have a great option in choosing Kavanaugh Garage. You can also reach out to us for rust proofing services.

As exhaust and muffler specialists, we can quickly find the cause of your issue and provide a speedy repair or replacement. Having muffler or exhaust issues? Bring your car or truck to Kavanaugh Garage today!

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