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Whether you are looking for an oil change, a tune up or brake repair in Ottawa, Kavanaugh Garage provides high quality, comprehensive auto repair services. Our experienced and ASE certified technicians offer repairs, installation and maintenance services for all makes and models of domestic and imported vehicles. We employ the latest in automotive technology and are fully equipped to provide all the automotive services you need to keep your car or truck running dependably.

At Kavanaugh Garage we specialize in muffler and exhaust system repair in Ottawa, providing our customers with high quality replacement parts and expert service at an affordable price.

Understanding Your Car’s Exhaust System

The exhaust system on your car or truck is made up of components that run the length of your vehicle’s underbody. Exhaust manifolds are connected to the rear of the engine, where they collect exhaust gases from the cylinder heads. As the gases move along through the exhaust system components they are analyzed by oxygen sensors and refined by the catalytic converter. The muffler uses a series of baffles to inhibit noise.

Any of the components of your car’s exhaust system can wear out or fail with use, and that failure could cause a reduction in gas mileage and engine efficiency, as well as allow toxic fumes to enter the vehicle’s interior, putting the driver and passengers in danger. For that reason it is very important to have your vehicle inspected by an experienced muffle repair expert if you suspect one or more components of your car’s exhaust system have been compromised so that the problem can be correctly diagnosed and an appropriate solution provided.

To know when it is time for an exhaust repair in Ottawa, here are some signs that your vehicle’s exhaust system may be failing:

You Notice a Vibration
If you notice that your car seems to be vibrating, or you experience a loss of power, it could be an indication of a problem. This problem could be the result of a hole in the exhaust pipe, a disconnected part, or a leaking connector.

You Notice an Increase in Exhaust Volume
Vibration might be accompanied by a rumbling sound, depending upon the size of the damaged area. If the amount of noise coming from your exhaust system suddenly increases, chances are you have an issue with the muffler or another exhaust system component.

You Notice a Decrease in Fuel Efficiency
If you seem to be filling up your gas tank more often than usual while still traveling the same distance, have your vehicle inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Just like vibration and excess noise, a loss of fuel efficiency could be a symptom of a failing exhaust
system. An auto repair professional can determine if that is the case and provide a workable solution.

The Catalytic Converter
The purpose of the catalytic converter is to convert toxic fumes into harmless, inert gases. It is illegal to drive a vehicle that is not equipped with a working catalytic converter. A failing catalytic converter makes a loud sound when your car idles that resembles the sound of coins being shaken in a metal box. Your Check Engine light will probably be illuminated, as well. If a bad or failing catalytic converter is not addressed, it will eventually restrict exhaust flow so badly that the vehicle becomes undriveable.

Kavanaugh Garage offers information and professional advice about muffler and exhaust repairs in Ottawa as well as expert repairs and quality replacement parts and a full range of automotive repair services. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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